Ever spent a summer in Elmhurst? Then you’ll agree, a functioning AC is not just a luxury, it’s a necessity! What about a winter in Villa Park? Without solid heating, you’ll become a literal ice sculpture.

Good thing Alan Energy Services have your back! With our top-notch AC repair services, we’ll ensure that your summer in Elmhurst, IL is nothing short of a chilled martini. Also offering services in Westchester, IL, we’re taking the sweat out of summer and putting the cool back in the city.

Too cold? Tired of morphing into a yeti every time you step into your home during winter? Try our unsurpassed heating service and heating repair in Villa Park, IL and Lombard, IL.

In Addison and Oak Brook, we’ve got you covered on both ends of the thermometer: HVAC services and furnace installation. If you want a winter you can cuddle up to, let Alan Energy Services lend a warm hand.

At Alan Energy Services, we’re about more than just air and heat – we’re about making your home the ultimate comfort zone!