C. Albert Matthews started as a humble provider of Plumbing Repair in Denton, MD. Over the years, we faced challenges but overcame them, only to emerge stronger. Our dream was not just to fix pipes and seal leaks; we sought to provide peace of mind, and lend warmth to homes during the coldest winters.

We expanded our expertise to Electrical Service in Trappe, MD, being always upfront about our pricing. Again, with each sparking wire we fixed, our mission felt more and more fruitful.

Then, we ventured into Furnace Repair in Saint Michaels, MD. Nobody should suffer the cold harsh winter, we thought. So we rolled up our sleeves and began working, transforming bone-chilling homes into cozy living spaces.

Each milestone we reached and exceeded was not merely a business accomplishment, but a testament to our relentless commitment. As inevitably as pipes leak, wires spark, and furnaces break down, C. Albert Matthews rises up to the task, promising dependable service with a personal touch. We’re not just your repair team, we’re your neighbors, your friends, and your community.