There’s nothing quite like the shiver-inducing chill a malfunctioning heater delivers on a frigid winter evening! Thankfully, services including Heating Service, Furnace Repair and Heating Installation are just a phone call away with High Performance Heating & Air Conditioning. Our experienced technicians are always ready for your home emergency, even when Mother Nature is trying her best to turn your toes into icicles.

The Furnace – Your Hero in Shining Armor

Ever thought about your furnace as a silent guardian? Neither did we until it decided to take a vacation in middle of December. With our swift and efficient Furnace Repair, we make sure your knight in shining armor is back in action swiftly, keeping you warm and cozy!

The summer heat in Henrietta, Rochester & Scottsville can turn your home into a walk-in oven. Imagine a day when your AC decides to go rogue! No worries, our Air Conditioning Repair and Air Conditioner Repair are designed to conquer such rebellious acts by your AC.

Keep Your Cool with Air Conditioning Repair

With our expert services, enjoy a perfectly balanced indoor climate all year round. Trust us, there’s nothing quite like kicking back in a cool, conditioned room after a scorching summer day!