When you aren’t worrying about Heating Services, Air Conditioning Repair, or Furnace Repair, there’s a wide array of fun activities to explore in Henrietta, Rochester, and Scottsville.

The Strong Museum in Rochester

Let’s start with the awe-inspiring Strong Museum in Rochester. Known as the National Museum of Play, it brims with multiple thematic exhibits that open a wonderful world for both children and adults. Interactive displays featuring dolls, games, and toys invite you to step back into your childhood.

Rochester’s Public Market is another must-visit spot. Operating since 1905, the market thrives with local vendors selling fresh produce, baked goodies, and a variety of foods. It’s an open-air pantry where the townsfolk connect over shared tastes and interesting finds.

Henrietta’s Adventure Landing

Craving for a little adrenaline rush while your Air Conditioning Installation or Heating Installation is taken care of by High Performance Heating & Air Conditioning? Head over to Henrietta’s Adventure Landing. The spot offers a grand go-karting experience, along with miniature golf and an expansive arcade. Have a blast at this family fun center while we worry about your indoor comfort.

The Tinker Nature Park also graces Henrietta with 68 acres of trails, wildlife, and exhibits. Embrace the calming allure of nature without worrying about your Furnace or Air Conditioner Repair.

Scottsville’s Oatka Creek Park

Scottsville’s Oatka Creek Park prompts you to step out of your comfort zone with canoeing and fishing options. Its peaceful pathways are perfect for an invigorating jog or a refreshing stroll. Don’t forget to check out the Genesee Country Village & Museum, a 19th-century living history museum in nearby Mumford, for a peek into the past.

When you live in Henrietta, Rochester, or Scottsville, rest assured that High Performance Heating & Air Conditioning will keep your home at the perfect temperature all year round. Meanwhile, these delightful locations promise a good time outside as well!