Roofing issues may be common, however, myths about them are even more prevalent. For instance, one such myth is, “All roofing contractors are the same”. Today we aim to debunk this myth with insights from one of the trusted Roofing Contractors in Camillus, NY & Skaneateles, NY, Blue Collar Roofers.

Not all Roofing Contractors are the Same

Differences can emerge in terms of skill, experience, quality of work, and even customer service. It’s essential to research and ensure your roofing contractor, whether they be in Liverpool, Syracuse, Camillus or even Skaneateles, has strong reviews and verified experience in residential roofing and roof replacement.

Another prevalent myth is the idea that “Siding Installation doesn’t require professional assistance”. While it may be tempting to turn this into a DIY project, your home’s siding is more critical in protecting the structure of your home than you think.

Avoid DIY, Choose professional Siding Installation

Professional contractors such as those in Cicero, NY & Cazenovia, NY, like Blue Collar Roofers, have the equipment and knowledge to install siding properly. Not only does this keep your home looking great, but it also reduces the potential for water damage or energy inefficiencies.

A further perpetuated myth, especially amongst homeowners in Liverpool and Syracuse, is that “Roofing companies are only necessary when you need a complete roof replacement”. This is simply not the case.

Roofing Companies are Vital for Regular Maintenance

Professional roofing companies akin to those in Syracuse, NY provide far more than just roof replacement services. Regular maintenance, inspections, and minor repairs are equally crucial to prevent bigger, costlier problems down the line.

So, whether you need roofing contractors in Camillus, NY & Skaneateles, NY, professional siding installation in Cicero, NY & Cazenovia, NY or are looking for top-tier residential roofing & roof replacement services in Liverpool, NY – Blue Collar Roofers is a trusted choice that busts these myths.