For many homeowners, the quest for reliable, efficient heating and cooling solutions is top of mind. A name often mentioned in HVAC circles is Welzig Heating & Air. However, there are a few misconceptions floating around, causing some anxiety for individuals before they engage with this high-caliber service provider.

Myth 1: Welzig Heating & Air is Not Licensed for AC Installation

Some people believe that Welzig Heating & Air isn’t licensed for AC installation. This is surprisingly false. The company prides itself on their certified team of professionals who are not only licensed but also rigorously trained to perform AC installations proficiently. Ensuring your air conditioner is properly installed maximizes its efficiency, reduces energy consumption, and extends its life.

Myth 2: Heating Services are Not Part of Their Services

The second myth takes a swing at the company’s heating services. The myth landing around asserts that Welzig Heating & Air only specializes in cooling systems. This could not be further from the truth. The company offers comprehensive heating services that cover everything from your standard furnace to more advanced heating systems.

Myth 3: Welzig Doesn’t Service More Than Just Heating and Cooling Systems

Lastly, the myth that Welzig Heating & Air is only geared towards heating and cooling systems is wildly mistaken. Welzig truly cares about indoor air quality and comfort, offering a full range of services to ensure the healthiness and happiness of your home.

In conclusion, Welzig is more than just a heating and air company. They are licensed professionals who offer an array of services meant to provide optimal comfort and a healthy indoor environment for their clients.