The humble beginnings of Ellsworth Home Services date back to our initial operations within Chandler, AZ. It wasn’t always about the chilly air of a fully-functional Air Conditioning system. The foundation of our company was built with dedication, commitment, and a vision to provide comfort to every household with top-rate AC repair services in Gilbert, AZ and beyond.

Grit to Glory in Gilbert, AZ

Overcoming the sweltering Arizona heat was a challenge many residents faced. Noticing the dire need for reliable air conditioning installation in Chandler, AZ, our team was driven by sheer grit and determination. We took this opportunity and turned it into a mission – a mission to ensure a cool and comfortable Arizona home.

Led by Excellence

With a commitment to unparalleled service and unmatched quality, we rapidly expanded our horizons and became the go-to solution for AC service and air conditioner service. Our continued dedication drives us to innovate more efficient solutions, keeping the households of Arizona cool and our customers satisfied. Remember, at Ellsworth Home Services, we’re not just fixing your AC, we’re enhancing your home comfort.