Ever tried to survive a Michigan winter with a busted furnace? It’s like accepting a polar bear’s invitation for a sleepover, only less cozy. Our Furnace Company in Saint Clair Shores, MI, won’t let you become an unintentional icicle.

The Heroes in Apollo’s Uniform

You might think furnace repair in Warren, MI, is like finding an astronaut’s helmet in a haystack. Thanks to Apollo Heating & Cooling Inc., you don’t have to hitch a ride on a space shuttle to experience prompt and reliable service.

No need for a home workout amidst the screeching of an old HVAC system. Our heroic Apollo servicemen are turning the chaos into calm, one heating system at a time.

Yes, We’re Also There in Roseville, MI.

HVAC Company in Roseville, MI wasn’t on your speed dial? Add us right now! We promise, our heating saviors will arrive quicker than you can say “Apollo Heating & Cooling Inc.” So, remember, leave the shivering to the penguins, we’ve got your back.