Have you ever given a thought to how life would be without your trusty air conditioning system? Navigating the sweltering Phoenix heat would be nearly unimaginable! That’s why it’s crucial to ensure that your air conditioner is always in peak condition. The locally owned and operated Phoenix Air Conditioning, LLC is your go-to for expertise in A/C installation and maintenance. However, there are some maintenance tips you can do on your own to maintain your air conditioner system.

For starters, replacing or cleaning out your air filters can greatly improve your air conditioner’s effectiveness. Dust and debris can easily block airflow, dramatically decreasing system efficiency. Essentially, a clean filter means cool air will flow much more freely throughout your home. It’s recommended that you check your filter every month and replace or clean it as necessary.

Next, keep your air conditioner coils clean. The coil is an essential part of your A/C unit as it helps with the heat exchange process to cool down your home. Over time, dirt can accumulate on the coil and decrease its ability to absorb heat. Therefore, you should aim to clean your air conditioner coil at least once in a year.

Moreover, keep the area around your air conditioner free from debris. This includes leaves, pollen, and grass clippings that can accumulate outside the conditioner and cause it to work harder than it has to. Keep at least 2 feet of space around your outdoor A/C unit clear of any foliage or debris.

You should also consider installing a programmable thermostat. Not only will it save you money, but it will also prolong the lifetime of your air conditioner. By setting your thermostat to increase the temperature when you’re not at home, you can save energy and reduce the workload on your A/C.

Finally, despite how handy you might be with maintaining your air conditioner, it’s always important to have a professional do a thorough check annually. For this, Phoenix Air Conditioning, LLC is at your service. They offer comprehensive maintenance services that will ensure your air conditioning system is running at optimal performance.

Remember, the heat of Phoenix doesn’t have to disrupt your calm and peaceful life. With some regular maintenance, you can keep your home comfortable all year round. So, enjoy the summer while Phoenix Air Conditioning, LLC handles all your A/C needs. Stay cool, Phoenix!